Discount Codes

We’ve collected a few coupon codes over the years, use these for money off some of our favourite canine companies.

SILLYTILLY for £4.50 off your first subscription plan at Bug Bakes

tilly10 for 10% off your first order at Poppy’s Picnic

TILLY10 for 10% off PowAir (excluding shipping costs)
*Code cannot be used against special bundles and subscription packages. The code is valid in both the UK and Europe and will remain valid for six months from the date of issue (13.11.18).

SILLYTILLY10 for a 10% discount at Purplebone

Click here for £5 off Pooch & Mutt

SILLYTILLY25 for 25% off PitPat

Tilly10 for 10% off Paws & Presto