Collar Club Box ~ A Review

*Disclaimer – We were provided with Collar Club items gratis, in return for an honest review. All opinions remain our own.

During our recent trip to Dogstival we got chatting to the lovely folks at Collar Club, who were kind enough to send out their June box for Tilly to try out.

Each month, Collar Club put together a subscription box for dogs, “full of natural treats & safe, eco-friendly toys”.


Every collar club box includes:

  • “At least one carefully selected toy, tested to the highest standards and usually with some eco features to boot!
  • A selection of 100% natural treats, usually one meat & one fish based.
  • One tasty natural chew or chewy toy.”

In recent years I’ve become more conscious of both my own, and Tilly’s environmental impact, and it’s really encouraging to see the pet industry to follow suit. β™» I was glad to spot some compostable poo bags, which unlike ‘biodegradable’ ones, fully decompose.

“We keep it clean and we keep it green. Our ethos goes beyond just the product, we look at our overall impact too. All Collar Club Branded Packaging is made from cardboard, meaning that it is 100% compostable.” ~ Collar Club Box

The first thing that caught my eye were the Yak Milk Bites, which are the puffed up version of the Yakers Chew. Both Tilly and I were intrigued!

I think these must be the crunchiest thing Tilly has ever got her teeth through! They do crumble a little, so best eaten outdoors.


Tilly’s top pick: Dried liver treats & Estella the Elephant. Dried liver treats, yum! Anything of single ingredient origin is a win for us, and even better – packed in paper.

Estella the Elephant toy is made from roughly 15 up-cycled plastic bottles.

The only thing Tilly was not able to enjoy, were the Cheesy Chicken Bites, which were made with a couple of ingredients we don’t feed to her.


Yes! I often think I’ve seen every toy or treat out there.. but Collar Club were able to surprise me and introduce new things to us. It’s awesome to see any business work to reduce their plastic consumption – I think it’s super important to support those who do!

The team at Collar Club clearly have great taste in choosing classy, quality products for their boxes, with a focus on reducing environmental impact.

I’d love to see 100% of the packaged treats & toys be free of plastic too. I thought the addition of a leaflet with ‘tips on keeping your dog cool in hot weather’ was a lovely touch.

What do you think of Collar Club, would you give the box a try?

Amy πŸ™‹ & Tilly 🐩

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