Exploring Northumberland ~ Dog Friendly Newcastle

Reporting back after another dog friendly voyage!

Visiting Newcastle had always seemed something I’d get round to eventually… and recently we were lucky enough to make the trip North to visit our equally ‘poodle-crazy’ friends Darren & Caroline & their little white trouble maker… Ted the poodle!


Presenting… #TedAndTillysToonWeekendΒ …A whistle stop tour of Newcastle and the surrounding area.

The Journey

Writing down all the steps of our journey makes me thankful Tilly is such a good traveller! Our day began at 6:30am and we arrived in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne about 1pm.

  1. Car
  2. 1 hour train to Waterloo, London
  3. 30 minutes on The London Underground to King’s Cross
  4. 3.5 hour train to Newcastle
  5. Short hop on The Newcastle Metro

The journey went much smoother than I anticipated, and we were lucky enough to sit next to lovely passengers who didn’t mind Tilly sleeping under their seat. Click here to view our blog post: Travelling By Train With Your Dog.

Newcastle has a lovely spacious train station and is very welcoming to dogs.

Fun fact: Newcastle Train Station was opened in 1850 by Queen Victoria, and is one of six stations in the UK to be grade 1 listed.

The Toon

We got our first proper glimpse of Tyne Bridge & Gatehead Millenium Bridge as the sun went down.

I definitely recommend walking along the river after dark… the river looked so pretty reflecting all the colourful lights and architecture.

Food (or as the Geordie’s would say… Scran.)

🍴 Brandling Villa, Gosforth.

First up was Ted’s local! A super dog-friendly pub complete with designated table’s for regular doggie customers.

I was very impressed by their Vegan menu (even if I’m slightly put off by being labelled an arsehole for NOT eating animals… although to be fair the rest of their menu titles are rather brash…). I had fried seitan with sweet potato fries and all the trimmings. Highly recommend!

Pleasingly there was almost a dog at every table.

🍴 Cafe 1901, Jesmond.

This little gem is a super welcoming bistro situated in a old church building.


We stopped here a couple of times during our stay.. which tells you all you need to know! The food is fantastic, I highly recommend the vegan carrot cake!

One thing I noticed being in Northumberland is that Northerners seem to be more generous with portions.. I’m not complainaing!

🍴 The Drift Cafe, Cresswell.

The perfect end to a stroll along Cresswell Beach.

There must have been more dogs than people. Ideal!


With indoor and outdoor seating. The staff were really friendly and the service was fast. I had a top notch sweet potato & dhal curry along with a superb lemon-grass, mango, spinach, apple smoothie.

Walks & Beaches

🌳 Jesmond Dene. Formally opened to the citizens of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1884 by the Prince and Princess of Wales; A managed valley of quiet woodland surrounding the River Ouseburn, a tributary to the Tyne.


We followed the river through the wooded trail, exploring bridges and green spaces. Lots of variety for the dogs to explore and sniff.. I think we’ll be back!

🌳 The Town Moor.

We love a big open space! And this one is a goodie; over 1000 acres of parkland. If you’re visiting Newcastle with a dog, visiting these fields is bound to be a hit.

The perfect space for Tilly and Ted to run about chasing after a ball.

The Moor is host to events during the summer such as fun fairs, and demonstrations.. so you may wish to plan your trip around this.

🌊 Druridge Bay.

30 miles North of Newcastle this beach is breathtakingly beautiful. Huge stretches of sand, backed by dunes and woodland. Plenty of parking, and public toilets.

Tilly & Ted had the time of their lives running about after a ball on the flat beach. Tilly proceeded to hog the ball, and Ted bless his heart, eagerly followed her about.

Of course Tilly showed Ted her best modelling skills!

🌊 Creswell Beach. 23 miles North of Newcastle.

Parking is a little tighter here, and it’s easy to see why… Creswell is gorgeous. The sand is still soft, but looser and harder to walk on.

Just across the road is The Drift Cafe which is the perfect end to a long walk.

A huge thank you to Ted, Darren & Caroline for showing is round the wonderful city of Newcastle πŸ–€Β it’s now a firm favourite.

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed reading about our latest adventure. Have you been to Newcastle? What dog friendly finds did we miss?

AmyΒ πŸ–€Β & Tilly 🐾

6 thoughts on “Exploring Northumberland ~ Dog Friendly Newcastle

  1. Darren Hall says:

    Great post, love it! We loved having you guys here and you are welcome back anytime, we’ve still got loads left to show you next time! 🐩 ❀️🏰

    Liked by 1 person

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