Dog Shopping Haul ~ Crufts 2019

*Disclaimer. None of the below content is advertisement/gifted. Simply sharing things we like!

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who’s guilty pleasure is a shopping haul.Β I love seeing what everyone else finds at dog shows, especially at bigger shows, where it’s easy to miss so many great stalls!

As my blog post in 2018 was met with positive reception…Β  I thought I’d feature my shopping haul from Crufts 2019 – my dog shopping highlight of the year!

Thanks to Devil Dood Deli we are sorted for natural chews for the foreseeable future, so my main aim when shopping was to find smaller sized treats to try.

πŸ—Β Treats

I picked up camel MeatLove treats, which include hair and skin.. I’m sure Tilly will go mad for these, as she’s had their goat ones before.

I find treats and chews with hair, feathers, and skin tend to help keep any smelly anal-gland issues sorted out thanks to to extra fibre.

Anco’s stand was tucked away in hall 5, but was worth sniffing out! I picked up some of their trainers in Lamb, Turkey, and Chicken.

Many stalls at Crufts have activities and freebies to try, we won a little pack of treats from Benyfit’s ‘spin the wheel’.

This was also my first opportunity to get my hands on Edgard Cooper’s new range of treats! We have tried their food previously, and Tilly is loving their ‘bites’. I love the recyclable packaging too!

Orijen’s freeze dried treats always go down a storm with Tilly, we save those for special occasions!

🎁 Toys

Of course I had to return with something for Tilly to get her teeth into… Mr Purple Dinosaur is being nibbled right this moment!

On my list for a while had been a tug toy to use when we (eventually) get back into agility classes. Unfortunately our club closed last year, and we’ve been struggling to find a new one! I picked up a Mini Orange Snoodle from Touchango, and Tilly is relishing it!

πŸ›Β Pet Care

This year I came prepared with a beach trolley. Boy was I thankful as we quickly filled it. Including a 5 litre bottle of shampoo from For All Dog Kind.


This purchase saves money in the long run, and plastic bottles too. I also picked up Tilly’s calming supplement, it pleases me to no end to not pay postage!

I had a blast visiting Crufts this year, it’s so nice to see so many familiar faces and watching the Agility Finals is always amazing!

I was really pleased to see so many canine companies selling food/treats of really good quality, and fewer companies offering unhealthier options.. one of the main sponsors was a raw food company! Perhaps this shows a shift in doggie-consumer spending, and hopefully it continues to be positive!

Thanks for reading, what’s your latest doggie-shopping splurge been?

AmyΒ πŸ™‹Β & Tilly 🐾

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