Raw Feeding Made Easy ~ Paleo Ridge [AD]

*This post contains photos of raw meat*

DISCLAIMERΒ *We were compensated by Paleo Ridge for this blog post.

Flashback to 2014. 🐾 Tilly, our first dog, had just come home from her breeder, sent with a big pack of your average supermarket-purchase dog food. (Rhymes with shmedigree).

We’ve come a long way since then, moving to grain free kibble and then on to raw. Initially motivated by Tilly’s sensitive stomach and general itchiness, my research led me to question a lot of the ingredients in her food.

Once I had learnt about some of the less appealing aspects of the pet food insustry, there really was nothing that would stop me finding the best food possible, and Tilly has been thriving on a species appropriate diet for over 2 years. 🐢

I first came across Paleo Ridge in my search for raw dog food packaged in recyclable/compostable containers. I was even more pleased to discover that they operate from our home county – Hampshire, and source most of their game from the New Forest. 🌲


Feeding Tilly locally reared food is really important to me, as it reduces her impact on the environment. Paleo Ridge place high priorety in the welfare of livestock, and are certified by DEFRA and OF&G Organic.

The switch to raw can seem daunting, and handling raw meat is not a task most people (myself included) enjoy… Which is why I’m so excited about Paleo Ridge’s newest launch.

Introducing… Ready Raw!

β™»Β Recyclable, leak proof 200g pouches of Paleo Ridge complete raw dog food.


In the past, we have struggled with the inconvenience of portioning out Tilly’s raw food from 1KG tubs, and re-freezing. I had worried the quality of the meat would reduce, and also wanted Tilly to have the best taste.


From Paleo Ridge,

”Β Ready Raw is available in 5 of our customers favourite recipes, in new 200g resealable pouches. This means no more smell, no more long defrosting times, and no more hassle in spending time portioning food out! Simply choose your flavour, get it out of the freezer, tear, thaw and feed.”


Launching on the 11th of March, Ready Raw packs are available to purchase on the Paleo Ridge website. πŸ—


I have found Ready Raw packs to be really convenient, with the same great Paleo Ridge product… there are certainly no complaints from Tilly!

Thank you for reading our blog, what is your main motivator when it comes to feeding your pup? Is it convenience, cost, ingredients?

Β AmyΒ πŸ™‹Β & Tilly 🐩


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