Caring for your dog, post coast! [AD]

[AD] We’ve teamed up with Pet Teezer to share our top tips for caring for your dog after a trip to the coast.

A day at the beach is our idea of a good time. Running about on stretches of sand, enjoying the sea breeze, and occasionally a dip in the water.


All that fun usually results in one salty sea dog! Here a 5 simple steps we generally follow to get Tilly in tip top shape after her best attempts to become one with the sand.

1. Get those fluids in!

It’s always important to offer your dog water after any exercise. It’s always the first thing we do after coming away from the shore. 🌊 Tilly needs discouraging from drinking sea water, and I’m sure she sneaks slurps when we’re not looking!


Fresh water from her own bottle & bowl keeps her hydrated.

2. Get warm & dry.

If you’re at the coast during the cooler months, it’s easy for dogs to get cold when standing still, particularly after a dip in the channel. We keep old towels in the car for this very purpose. 🐾


A quick rub down removes a lot of moisture from her coat (which acts like a sponge!). I recommend using a micro fibre towel, it feels ghastly on human hands, but is so absorbent!

3. Remove as much sand as possible.

A necessary step for both Tilly’s comfort, and my own sanity. There’s nothing worse than feeling grit underfoot, and in/on furniture in the house. Our top tool for removing the gritty stuff is the Pet Teezer.


I was initially dubious about the effect this brush would have on Tilly’s dense curls. But after putting it to work on her sand smothered fur we were pleasantly surprised! πŸ‘


Made by the folks who created the Tangle Teezer, the Pet Teezer is a really gentle brush with blunt, yet firm, spaced out teeth. The folks over at Pet Teezer kindly sent us their two new colours to try out; my personal favourite is the navy & orange combo.


Pet Teezer recommend their Detangling & Dog Grooming Brush for poodles.

It’s also durable enough to be chucked in the car, and used by anyone. It works best when Tilly is in a shorter clip, and is a life saver for keeping most of the sand out of my car! πŸš—

4. Snack.

I like to give Tilly something to chew on while us humans pack up for the journey home. A natural chew usually hits the spot. πŸ— This time it was a rabbit ear.


5. Bath-time.

This entirely depends on whether Madame Poodle managed to step foot in the smelly marsh at the beach. I’d hazard a guess at 50/50!

tilly fetch and follow rain-6

🚿 I’ll usually bath her within a week of a beach trip, making sure to use conditioner as salt water can dry her coat out.

Thank you for reading this blog post! Click here to visit Pet Teezer’s site. Ask us any questions you may have! What’s your top tip post beach?

Amy & Tilly

Β πŸ–€πŸΎ

Disclaimer: This blog post was kindly sponsored by Pet Teezer, all views and opinions remain our own. [AD]

Last year we attended Pet Teezer’s launch… click here to read all about it!

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8 thoughts on “Caring for your dog, post coast! [AD]

  1. Darren Hall says:

    Top tips and love seeing Tilly photos at the beach! That sunset one!😍 The brush looks great, may get one and try and stop Ted bringing half the beach back in my car! πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

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