Bug Bakes ~ A Review

This blog post was kindly sponsored by Bug Bakes, all views and opinions remain our own.

Hey! Welcome back to our blog.

2018 has seen many people become more conscious of their environmental impact, and it seems natural for the pet industry to follow suit, and adapt to these spending habits.

ā™» Up-cycled toys and accessories, along with eco-friendly packaging… Tilly’s food now even comes packaged in reusable wool!

It’s no secret that pets have a big impact on the environment, but there are lot’s of things we can do to limit this. Which is why…

I’m thrilled to introduce Bug Bakes – Eco Treats For Dogs


As you may have guessed from the title, these little beige hexagons are made using a protein I had previously never seen in dog treats; bugs! Specifically, crickets. šŸ¦—


Bug Bakes is revolutionary in many ways. Ingredients, production, packaging, and ethos.

Founder Ross, started Bug Bakes this year after learning about the impact of the livestock industry at University. “I was shocked to learn livestock farming was having such a negative effect on the planet. So I decided to do something about it!”


I do my best to keep Tilly’s diet as biologically appropriate as possible, and there isn’t much information out there about the digestion and consumption of insects in canines.. but I like to think that as scavengers, the ancestors of the modern canine wouldn’t be opposed to snacking on things that crawl! Tilly has been known to catch a fly or two…

Crickets “are one of the most sustainably farmed protein sources on the planet” and require just a fraction of the land, water, feed when compared to traditional livestock production, along with producing far fewer CO2 emissions.

sillytillypoodle_bugbakes graphic3

Graphic by Bug Bakes

sillytillypoodle_bugbakes graphic2

Graphic by Bug Bakes

Bug Bakes treats are handmade in Scotland šŸ“󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁓ó æ using:

  • Cricket flour
  • Oats
  • Brewers Yeast
  • Carrots
  • Parsnips
  • Honey
  • Garlic

ā™» Packaging used is compostable, and rather impressively their subscription plan is zero waste.


Bug Bakes are keen supporters of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Using organic ingredients allows wildlife to flourish on the farms, especially bees and butterflies.

šŸ 5 pence per bag is donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Does the poodle approve?

Yes! She really enjoys crunching up these cricket snacks. On an enthusiasm scale from 1 āž” 10, with 1 being a spinach leaf and 10 being raw salmon, I would gauge Tilly’s reaction at a 7.5.

There are treats she values more, usually those of singular ingredient… which makes me wonder if she would prefer dried whole cricket? I would love to see Bug Bakes offer this sort of thing!

Do I approve?

Yes! Made in the UK, minimal environmental impact, simple ingredients, what’s not to like! They don’t smell of much either.. perhaps like toast? Bug Bakes personalise their treat bags with your pets face too.


I will definitely be using these treats going forward, and can’t wait to see this wonderful business grow!šŸŒ±

If you’d like to try a bag, use the code: TRYBAG for free shipping.

Alternatively, you can use our special code: SILLYTILLY for Ā£4.50 off your first subscription plan.

What do you think of Bug Bakes, would you give them a try? šŸ¦—

Amy šŸ™‹ & Tilly šŸ©

This blog post was kindly sponsored by Bug Bakes, all views and opinions remain our own.

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