A Canine Christmas Gift Guide ~ 2018

🎁 Ideas for treating your furry friend, as well as their human, this festive season.

This year I chose to feature a few of our favourite UK based dog focused companies, many of whom we buy from regularly. So you can be sure of an authentic review, for each product featured.

πŸ—“Β You’re never too old for an advent calendar, dogs included!Β 

Skipper’s Pet Products have been working closely with Santa Paws to create a new Christmas range of healthy, natural, air dried treats.

I am most exited about their doggie advent calendar! I love the novelty of a calendar for dogs, but for the past few years Tilly has missed out, as many on the market already don’t have the best ingredients.


🎣 Skipper’s calendar contains a variety of fish cubes, and is made from fish sourced in Grimbsy and Hull. I cannot wait for December!


Don’t worry I didn’t open it all the way!

Next up.. a bauble filled with fishy delights. Skipper’s Treat Baubles contain aΒ mixture of dried prawns, fish cubes, and training treats.


Retailing at Β£4.50, these make a great thank you, or Merry Christmas gift. We’ll be gifting some to Tilly’s day care, as a thank you to their dogs for putting up with her all year! Plus, you can reuse the bauble next year!

You’ve got to look your best on Christmas Day.. dogs included! πŸŽ€

For Tilly I’ll be using this award winning, harsh detergent free set from The Dog and I. All packaged up in a delightful box, this would certainly make the perfect gift for the shaggy haired beast in your life.

The Curly Coat Care Kit (Β£24.99) includes:

  • Conditioning Shampoo
  • Tame Those Tangles de-tangler
  • Nose, Skin and Paw balm
  • Shower scrunchy

The Dog and I “use high quality, plant based ingredients which are gentle and effective and natural… handmade, tested only on humans and completely cruelty free.”

The shampoo was of lovely quality, and the spearmint coat spray gave Tilly’s coat a lovely sheen, even if bath-time was not appreciated!

Now we have the curls tamed… Time to accessorize withΒ Amy White & Co✨

We were thrilled to receive this personalised festive bandanna from Amy White & Co. All her items are fun, trendy, and really reasonable! I will most definitely be purchasing more of her personalised dog bandannas.


πŸ‘Β Bonus points to Amy for a plastic-free parcel!

Amy and I have been following each other on Instagram for years, and she has recently set up her own shop Amy White & Co. She does everything from graphic design, to dog wear, to accessories, and home furnishings, and even designed my photography logo!

Festive toys by Purplebone πŸŽ…Β 

Top of my list when looking to spoil Tilly at Christmas is always a new toy. Purplebone have a delightful range of plush toys, including these rather fun Canvas Santa Dog Toys.


“We use non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water based pigment inks which embed into the fabric, making the printed design water resistant… made with durable canvas, faux fur backing, and a squeaker.” (These start at Β£4.50)

πŸ‘Β Bonus points to Purplebone for a plastic-free parcel!


Tilly loves toys with some fluff.. perfect for nibbling on!

If you’re doing any shopping at Purplebone, use our code SILLYTILLY10Β for a 10% discount!

If you’re like me and need no excuse to admire your own pooch, then Amber Marie Portraits may be right up your alley! ✍

Back in 2017 Amber drew this stunning life like portrait of Tilly. It’s actually drawn using Biro!Β Since then we’ve bought cards, cushions, stickers, decorations all featuring little Miss Tilly!


If you look super closely, you can see the individual colours used to make up the different tones in Tilly’s black coat.


Amber kindly sent us Christmas cards, and stickers all created using her original portrait of Tilly. Now that’s talent!


You’ll find a huge portfolio of breeds, and other animals on Amber Marie Portrait‘s website, and a rather fitting festive shop section.

The perfect stocking-stuffer from Denzel’sΒ πŸ—


Whether your pup has been naughty or nice.. a tasty treat is always necessary!

We were introduced to Denzel’s earlier this year just after their launch, and Tilly has been LOVING testing them! I really appreciate the simple ingredients, and fun packaging.


In a selection box for Β£7.50 you get 3 flavour combinations:

  • Spinach, chickpeas & chicken
  • Banana, berries & salmon
  • Peanut, cashews & turkey

The chews are soft, and break into small chunks easily, so work well as a high quality training reward. Tilly can be a fuss pot at times, so definitely give these a go if you have a choosy pup.

Luxury jute shopping bag by GingerooΒ 

Corinne, along with the help of her gorgeous Vizsla, Otto, create personalised jute bags for dog lovers all over the world.


πŸ›Β Corinne produced this fabric silhouette poodle using a photo of Tilly. The likeness is fantastic, and the workmanship, and quality are superb.


Gingeroo bags are under Β£10, and in my view make the perfect gift for the dog lover in anyone’s life. A great way to store your pups Christmas gifts until the big day.

πŸ‘Β Bonus points to Corinne for a plastic-free parcel!


I can’t explain how much I am in love with this product, and will be buying these for my family members!

What do you think of our recommendations for canine Christmas gifts? 🎁

Which have taken your fancy? What’s on your pup’s wish list?

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season with your pooch,

Amy & Tilly

*We were provided with the following items gratis, in return for an honest review & inclusion. All opinions remain our own.

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