Home Alone… with Furbo

This blog post was kindly sponsored by Furbo via Karkalis Communications, all views and opinions remain our own.

Separation anxiety is something many dogs, and their owners experience. Keep reading to learn the methods that helped us ease Tilly into being left by herself.

General consensus seems to recommend not leaving a dog alone for more than 4 to 6 hours, with less time for younger dogs. There are more than just toilet breaks to consider, with some dogs prone to distress and destructive behaviors if left for too long.

Some breeds may be more prone to separation anxiety than others.. and I’ll be the first to say, poodles tend to lean on the needy side of things. Noticing Tilly starting to exhibit some clingy behaviours at around a year old, like door scratching, and crying when left in a room alone prompted us to take steps to reduce her anxiety.

1. Little and often ⏰

Gradually building up the amount of time your dog is left alone, is a great way to positively reinforce time spent alone.

A time consuming activity such as a snuffle mat, lickimat or a Kong type toy provide stimulation as well as an enjoyable experience in your absence. This is also reinforced by you returning each time.

2. Background noise 🎢

Classical music has been noted to have positive effects on livestock, and veterinary patients. So this is why I pop on Classic, or Smooth FM before heading out the door. I’m well aware this may be totally for my benefit, however it does cover up some of the outside stimuli that Tilly barks at, like other dogs walking by, and the postie!

3. Peace of mind πŸ“·

If you’re a worrier like myself, you may benefit from snooping on your pooch! There are tonnes of pet-cams on the market ranging in quality, and functions. I’ve seen cheap and cheerful ones from as little as Β£20, to more capable models up into the hundreds.

We love our Furbo dog camera, which is allows you to watch, and listen in on your dog, as well as dispense treats.


Some of the features of the Furbo include:

  • 1080p camera and night vision: a live stream video with a 160ΒΊ wide-angle view enables owners to observe the dog day and night.
  • 2 way audio: The owner can talk to the dog via the microphone and reward the dog by pushing a button.
  • The Furbo app works on iOS, Android devices and the Apple Watch. Photos and videos can also be saved.
  • Furbo makes a sound before a treat is tossed. This allows the dog to get used to the device and develop a positive association.

This camera was simple to set up, and is really user friendly thanks to their app. For me, it was really valuable being able to snoop on Tilly, as it confirmed my suspicions… she just goes to sleep!


The treat tossing function is really cool, allowing you to distract your dog if they are becoming bored or restless. Push notifications via the app quickly let you know if your pup is barking!


The Furbo dog camera is available on Amazon and the Furbo website for Β£ 199.

4. Comfort πŸ’€

Keeping your pup is contained in one room is very likely to be of benefit. This way, they are not going to be roaming the house looking for you. Limiting access to windows may be a big help if your dog watches anxiously for your return.

Making sure they have a favourite toy, as well as their usual bedding provides familiarity for your dog.

If you know your dog will be left for an extended period of time, dog walker’s are perfect for perfect for popping in on your pooch to provide some interaction and exercise.

Thank you for reading our blog, what’s your top tip for leaving your dog home alone?

Amy πŸ™‹ & Tilly 🐩

This blog post was kindly sponsored by Furbo (Karkalis Communications), all views and opinions remain our own.

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