Launch of The Big Flea Project

Recently Tilly and I made a trip to London to join The Big Tick & Flea Project, and other dogs of Instagram to learn about the latest project headed up by the University of Bristol and MSD Animal Health.

Fleas are a massive source of irritation for pets, and though Tilly has been lucky enough never to experience this, I’m pleased keen to support this project which aims to educate, and help reduce discomfort in cats and dogs around the UK.

The Big Flea Project follows the success of The Big Tick Project in 2015, which mapped tick abundance in the U.K as well as noting pathogens, and individual tick species. 🕷


The aim of The Big Flea Project is to learn more about Flea populations, and the diseases they carry whilst emphasizing the importance of protecting pets against this. So far more than 1500 veterinary practices are taking part by sending flea samples to the University Of Bristol to be analysed.

We listened to a very informative talk all about Fleas and their life cycle. Did you know adult Fleas can bite within the first 5 minutes of coming into contact with a dog or cat? 😧

Everyone at the launch was super friendly, and really helpful at answering any questions I had about fleas and ticks. We were amoungst some adorable company too, Tilly was at ease with all the dogs who came.. which as you may know is a rarity!

Did you know Fleas have been around for 150 million years? A lot longer than us, and certainly pets! 🕷 The results of The Big Flea Project will be published in 2019, so watch this space.

We are looking forward to stopping by The Big Tick Tent at Dog Fest as we did last year. I know Tilly will relish a free tick check (fuss). Maybe we’ll bump in to fellow poodle enthusiast, Chris Packham again!

If you are concerned about ticks, fleas or any parasite affecting your pet, talking to your vet is the best place to start. I’m intrigued to know what methods you all use to keep your pets parasite free?

A big thank you to The Big Tick & Flea Project for having us, and an extra big thank you for catering vegan options. 👏🌱

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this foray into ‘fleadom’ educational,

Amy 🙋 & Tilly 🐩



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