Dog food by Poppy’s Picnic

*This post contains photos of raw meat*

We are thrilled to announce we are now Poppy’s Picnic brand reps!

Tilly got her first taste of Poppy’s Picnic back in December, I have been really impressed with the quality of the meat, as well as their awesome customer service, and most importantly, Tilly (who is a BIG FAN) is thriving on Poppy’s Picnic!


You may have recently spotted them on Dragon’s Den… it was super exiting to see such an amazing dog food company appear on TV, and help spread the word about how amazing (and easy!) raw can be.


When’s dinner?

Poppy’s Picnic say it best;

“We make biologically appropriate meals to improve your dog’s life. All of our food is handmade using locally sourced ingredients of the same quality as you and I would eat – and they are ethically sourced to ensure provenance and sustainability. We will never use cereals, fillers, meat derivatives or any nasty chemicals. Because no dog needs to be eating that stuff – they just need proper food.”



I find the texture perfect for mixing in any supplements, or hiding any tablets!

πŸ— Poppy’s have a range of minces & meatballs in a variety of protein sources, and even an enhanced range. Just defrost. And feed! As with any handling of raw meat, the normal precautions of hygiene apply.


The FEED ME stare!


Licking the spoon is the best part!

Tilly is actually quite a lazy eater, and really likes the minces, which are evenly textured and leave her licking her bowl clean every time.


Tilly gets 300 grams a day, split into two meals.

πŸ— Another favourite of ours is the marrow bone, which are perfect for a bit of mid-afternoon teeth cleaning. We defrost, and make sure sneaky Tilly doesn’t try to bring it inside to her bed!

The team at Poppy’s Picnic are an absolute pleasure, if you have any questions about their food, or raw feeding in general, head over to their website. If you would like to order from Poppy’s Picnic, use our code tilly10 for 10% off your first purchase.


Rocking PP’s signature bow tie!

Thank you for visiting the blog, and reading about Poppy’s Picnic ❀️️ We know raw feeding isn’t for everyone, but don’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it!

Amy πŸ™‹ & Tilly 🐩

Thank you to Poppy’s Picnic for collaborating with us as brand representatives.

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