Exploring North Wales

Reporting back after another dog friendly adventure!

🐾 This time we ventured to North Wales, staying in Caernarfon; which has been on our list to explore for some time. Visiting ‘out of season’ meant we were spoilt with the Welsh coast seemingly all to ourselves.

I’d like to preface our top finds in North Wales with a big thanks to Paws in North Wales. Their website was invaluable in my research for doggie destinations in the area, our trip certainly wouldn’t have been as good as it was without all their amazing recommendations.

I’m very aware there are a lot of photos in this post, but I felt I couldn’t do each place justice without them! Without further a do, here are six places well worth a visit.

A little bit about Caernarfon 🏰

Our home for a few days was Caernarfon, a historic coastal town in the North West of Wales. Caernarfon Castle is magnificent; unfortunately dogs are not allowed inside the grounds, however, the walled-town adjacent was a great place to explore with Tilly for that ‘castle feel’.

A favourite of Tilly’s was the shoreline. Clear shallow water to paddle in, shells and pebbles to be sniffed, and a stunning view of the town against the vast open water.

Caernarfon’s Doc Fictoria/Victoria Dock is a lovely little harbour with stunning views of the Menai Straits and across to the The Isle of Angelsey. ⛵ You can even view the harbour on a live video feed 👉🏼 here.

Both The Ship Inn, and Ty Glyndwr in Caernarfon are welcoming of dogs, which both served much needed as shelter from the typical changeable coastal weather!

The only negative we experienced here, was having to watch where we stepped…Unfortunately this adorable town seems to have a real problem with people not picking up dog droppings! 😡💩

Exploring Anglesey 🌊

At the top of our list to visit was The Island of Angelsey (or Ynys Môn 🐉). This island has amazing beaches complete with awesome views of Snowdonia.

Red Wharf Bay, Pentraeth


STUNNING. This beach is vast, and once you walk past the pebbly part of the beach, the sand stretches for miles! A true doggie haven. We made sure to arrive during low tide so Tilly could run to her heart’s content.


Top tip: Watch the tide! If you’re walking over to Benllech Sands make sure the tide doesn’t cut you off on your return journey. Find tide times 👉🏼 here.


Here’s a video of this glorious beach 👇🏼

If you’re looking for a place to eat here, The Ship Inn has a ‘snug’ where dogs are welcome to join you, and is a stone’s throw from the beach.



Situated on the South West coast of the Island, this rural beach is backed by dunes covered in Maram Grass, with views of Snowdonia’s peaks on a clear day.

This beach definitely seemed more sheltered, perhaps thanks to the dunes which Tilly had a great time running through.

Beaumaris ⛰

Overlooking the Menai Strait this town boasts awe inspiring views of Snowdonia. The beach here is shingle, and much smaller, but the scenery is breath-taking.



Walking to the end of the pier; you get the sea and mountains in one glance! My photos definitely do not do it justice.


Llanberis Twin Lakes, Dinorwig Quarry & Dolbadarn Castle 

Back on the mainland now, this varied walk sits just on the edge of Snowdonia National Park.

Exploring Dinorwig’s disused slate quarry was fascinating, and I could easily spend hours admiring the mountain and lake panorama.

Now, truthfully Dolbadarn Castle was 100% Tilly’s least favourite thing EVER. She took one look at the rather ominous slate building and proceeded to freak out until we had walked well away from it. Shaking, whining, excessive saliva, along with retching…. and as soon as we got in the car, nothing.


Unfortunately this has created somewhat of a new fear for Tilly, who repeated this behaviour with large statues recently. Have you ever experienced this with your dog?


(Pre freak out) Exploring the old Quarry-men’s Hospital

We went with the aim of completing a 4 mile round walk, we probably managed under half of that. Never the less, the scenery is magnificent, and I highly recommend this walk.

Dinas Dinlle

Walking along the clifftop hill-fort at Dinas Dinlle you get cracking views down onto the beach below, surrounding countryside, and mountains.


The coastal path brings you down onto the beach which is a pebble and sand mix.

Our visit to this beach was short lived thanks to a rather fierce hail-storm… now looking at these photos, I realise you can see the storm coming in!


I hope you enjoyed this snapshot of our Welsh adventure, we are so keen to return! Where’s next on your travel list?

Amy 🙋 & Tilly 🐩

4 thoughts on “Exploring North Wales

  1. Darren Hall says:

    Another great blog post, love all the photos, nice to see the views and places you are talking about. Poor Tilly being scared of the castle. Ted can freak out occasionally for no apparent reason sometimes, maybe its a sound thing that we cant hear.

    Our next travel destination is our regular trip to Keswick. Its super doggy friendly and Ted loves it there, I bet Tilly would love it too.

    Liked by 1 person

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