Pet Teezer Launch Party

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog! Last week Tilly and I attended the launch of new a grooming product called the Pet Teezer, invented by the folks at Tangle Teezer.

β˜” We ventured up to London on a rather wet Wednesday, our train journey was interesting to say the least! After a fire on the train track, a broken down train, rail replacements and a taxi ride we finally made it to the big city.

We were greeted by the lovely PR team at a gorgeous little townhouse in Stockwell, filled with dog toys, beds, nibbles for the humans, and Pet Teezers! πŸ›


Getting comfy on the Casper beds.

We soon bumped into lots of familiar faces. Insta-pups @cockapoomarley @thecotswoldspaniels, @kodathecloud, @ameliathecav, @citydogexpert, @sirkevinthechow, and many more were all in attendance with their humans.

Of course, we couldn’t resist a cheeky photo shoot in front of the pink backdrop. Tilly showed off her signature pose. πŸ“Έ



We were rather damp from the weather, so bear that in mind with the poodle curls! β˜”

Tilly 1

Photo credit to Pet Teezer

Tilly enjoyed a rather relaxing grooming session from Daniela Forshaw, who has poodles herself! She used the Pet Teezer de-tangler on Tilly’s top knot, look how lovely she made it look! πŸ‘‡πŸΌ πŸ‘‡πŸΌ πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Tilly 6

Photo credit to Pet Teezer

Pet Teezer have joined Instagram, you may spot a familiar fluffy face on their feed! A big thank you to the Pet Teezer team for hosting such a fun launch party! We had a blast πŸ’—

Our review 🐩

Poodles aren’t exactly the lowest maintenance hair care wise, and I was rather intrigued to see if this brush would be of any help in Tilly’s grooming routine.

Personally, nothing beats a good old fashioned metal comb. It’s simple, easy to use, and gets through all knots. With Tilly, I also use a metal slicker brush to loosen any mats, and remove fine debris (like mud or sand), and fluff up the coat after a groom. πŸŽ€


Metal slicker brush.

The slicker brush, being metal, I’m sure causes discomfort, even when being as gentle as possible. This is where our Pet Teezer came in handy!


Pet Teezer’s de-tangler

As the Pet Teezer is made from plastic, the bristles are much softer and duller against the skin, making for a much more comfortable experience. We have been using ours for removing dried mud from Tilly’s belly and legs after a fun filled walk.


The Pet Teezer

Pet Teezer have released two types of grooming brush. The de-tangler, and the de-shedder. Tilly doesn’t shed, but I have found both brushes to be useful in removing dirt from her coat, as well as combing through tangles.

For a demonstration on how this brush works on shedding dogs, definitely check out our pal Kevin’s blog πŸ‘‰πŸΌ here.

Thank you for reading all about our day out, would you use this brush on your dog?

Amy πŸ™‹ & Tilly 🐩

6 thoughts on “Pet Teezer Launch Party

  1. Kelly says:

    We have been using regular Tangle Teezers on Elsa since she was a puppy! I personally find the shape of the original design to be ideal for getting in under her legs and belly – the pet specific ones look like they might be a bit too big for this on Elsa. Teezers get a lot of the undercoat out and are very gentle, ideal for getting even the wrigglest puppy used to being groomed. Glad to see they are finally catering to the pet market – great blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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