Tilly goes Raw: Natures Pet Foods

Tilly’s always been a tiny girl, and in my quest to get some muscle on her; raw was consistently recommended with its high protein content. We switched to raw in June (after months of research!).

Tilly is prone to allergies, and had been doing well on a high quality kibble. However she did often have flare ups of yeasty paws, and (apologies for grossness) anal glands; since switching to raw in June this has all but disappeared.

As raw feeding newbies, complete meals are perfect for us, and all I have to do is defrost, and feed. So when Natures Pet Foods asked if Tilly would like to trial some of their premium nutritionally balanced raw meals I was thrilled.

Natures Pet Foods complete meals are made with:

  • Ground Bones (Full of Calcium and Phosphorus for strong healthy bone structure)
  • Meat & Offal (Great sources of protein)
  • Salmon oil Β (rich in Omega 3, for those essential fatty acids)
  • Pulped Fruit and Vegetables (Loaded with essential Vitamins & Minerals).
  • Super foodsΒ Some of the worlds best super foods added to maintain optimum health & vitality
tilly NPF-5

Keeping Tilly’s diet as natural as possible is really important to me.

Natures Pet Foods (2016),Β “Modern dogs are little different to their ancestor the wolf… Raw bones with meat are a major part of their diet… They eat offal such as liver and heart. They eat raw eggs.They eat a wide variety of foodstuffs…Every meal they eat is totally raw.”

tilly NPF-8

Tilly has been trying out Natures Pet Foods in Beef, Turkey, and Chicken + Tripe. And loving it! She cannot wait for mealtimes, and always licks her bowl clean.

tilly npf-11

Tilly usually gets 150g twice a day, meaning a 1kg tub lasts us 3- 4 days.

I really like the consistency of this food. The big chunks give Tilly something to chew on, and the food isn’t too sloppy when I’m serving.

tilly npf-12

Buying complete raw meals is a more pricey option than doing it myself, but it means I don’t have to worry about Tilly getting the correct amounts of bone, offal and muscle meat.

tilly NPF

The only thing I would change about this product is the packaging. A resealable lid would be handy for storing in the fridge between meals. I would also love to see 500g gram options available.

tilly npf-9

Whilst it wasn’t the reason we started feeding raw, I have noticed Tilly’s stools are much smaller, less frequent, and less offensive. Such a bonus!

tilly NPF-3

A 1kg pack of their turkey adult is their cheapest option retailing atΒ Β£3.40, which means I can feed Tilly for Β£1.02 a day.

Tilly is thriving on this diet, and we are so glad to have found Natures Pet Foods.Β  This being said, raw isn’t for everyone, but it is so important to know what goes into your dog’s food.

Thank you for reading, and big hugs to Natures Pet Foods for sending a sample for us to try out!

Amy & Tilly

*We were provided with Natures Pet Foods items gratis, in return for an honest review. All opinions remain my own.


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