Pupaid 2017 ~ Our London trip

Tilly and I travelled up to our nation’s capital for the seventh annual Pupaid.

We were joined by our bestieΒ Rhapsody and her human Emily. The poodle girls were so happy to be reunited. Colin stayed home, as taking more than one dog on the tube is really tricky!

pupaid Tilly-46

Look who came too! Our big fluffy pal Kevin the Chow Chow brought his humans along to Pupaid. His adult red coat is coming in and he’s looking glorious!

pupaid Tilly-6

Pupaid is a fun dog show with a goal “to educate every member of the British public about the correct way to get a dog, either by adopting… or visiting a responsible breeder where you will always see the puppy interacting with it’s mother.”

pupaid Tilly-12

It’s amazing to see the awareness Pupaid creates for such an important issue in dog welfare. Their hashtag #wheresmum stresses the importance of seeing your puppy in its natural breeding environment.

What was brilliant about Pupaid, was it’s location. Having park space surrounding the event was perfect for giving the dogs a break with some off-lead time.

pupaid Tilly-32

pupaid Tilly-31

The sun was out all day, which did pose a challenge for photos, and meant lots of hydration breaks. Of course, Tilly refused to drink out of any bowl used by strange dogs.

pupaid Tilly-23

Rocking Devil Dood Designs latest lead design.

Tilly took great delight in poking her nose in a every stall, getting samples and fusses all day long.

Pupaid goes vegan. For me, being a dog lover and choosing cruelty free options, go hand in hand. So I was thrilled to find vegan sandwiches, soup, chilli and snacks (even if they were a little on the pricey side, but that’s London for you!). My only wish was that there were a few more options to choose from.

pupaid Tilly-21

Veggie wrap.

One of our highlights was getting to meet the team at Bonnie & Bailey. We often chat on twitter, and I’m a big fan of their range of natural, organic dog shampoos and fragrances.

pupaid Tilly-37

Their gorgeous girl Chloe, was an absolute sweetheart. She was a natural in front of the camera, and Tilly was completely at ease with her.

pupaid Tilly-38

Gorgeous Chloe

pupaid Tilly-36

The next stall over was ByBenji and their biltong treats. Tilly is OBSESSED with these goodies, and these are perfect for raw fed dogs as they are dried. I picked up some of their training treats.

If anyone has any ideas on what trick to teach Tilly next, leave a comment!

Celebrity spotting. Many celebrities turned up with their canine companions to judge the fun dog show. We bumped into Sinitta, who was wearing a dress made of dog biscuits!

pupaid Tilly-27

pupaid Tilly-28

So many beautiful pups turned up with their doting humans.

pupaid Tilly-30

Responsible breeding. With many crossbreeds being in fashion at the moment, this has created a huge demand, unfortunately this is part of the reason why puppy farms are successful.

The Hybrid Breeders AssociationΒ promotes health testing of parent dogs, as well as exposing the illegal practice of puppy farming. It’s fantastic to see an organisation committed to cross breed dog welfare, as previously there were none.

pupaid Tilly-42

The HBA had their adorable mascot Bunny the Cavachon, who has the cutest little face! Such a photogenic little thing. You can follow her on twitter.

pupaid Tilly-41

We popped over to say hi to Huxley, head chef at Huxley Hound. Tilly loves her veggies, and we even wrote aΒ review of their goodies a few months back. Huxley is recovering from a big surgery, so enjoyed the day from his rather glamorous dog buggy.

pupaid Tilly-45

The girls pulled all their best poses for Bridget (of Bridget Davey Photography), she takes seriously awesome photos.

pupaid Tilly-44

Tilly and I had a fabulous day out seeing old and new friends. Tilly’s only dislike being the humans dressed up as dogs. Woof!

We had to pop over and say hello to the the team at Dog Robes, they are always so friendly and welcoming. I have my eye on their snoods which are perfect for long eared doggies! Their pup Missy is a little darling, I am officially obsessed!

pupaid Tilly-59

We love our Dog Robe, it’s perfect for post bath/swim, and is lightweight enough that Tilly will actually wear it!

pupaid Tilly-57

Eyeing up all the beautiful colours of robes.

Photo time! We said hello to little Plum Pudding, an ex puppy farm dog (who is little sister to Lucy the Rescue Cavalier).

pupaid Tilly-52

Sometimes group photos just don’t happen! Tilly, bless her heart is always camera ready.

The poodle gals were pooped. We hopped on the train home, and slept for about a day straight!

Thank you for reading about our day out,

Amy & Tilly









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