10 days with the poodles

Our besties Colin and Rhapsody came to stay! Their humans were off on holiday, and my poodle dreams came true as we tripled the madness. This blog post documents the highlights of our poodle holiday.


Spoilt poodles. The dogs have been enjoying some goodies from TheΒ Pet Pantry. Toni from The Pet Pantry very kindly send us a treat filled package. There was even something for me!


The Pet Pantry are based in Hampshire too. They have a shop in Selsey with everything a dog could want!

First up, Sprats. I’ve yet to meet a dog who doesn’t go mad for these.


Sharing is caring. If you’ve met Tilly you’ll know that sharing is not her strong suit. Being an ‘only dog’ has meant she’s not had much opportunity to do so. This usually results in her rather vocal way of communicating…TILLY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!



In all seriousness I am keen to work on this with Tilly. If anyone has any tips on dog-to-dog possessiveness please leave a comment.

Walkies. Determined to tire them out, the dogs enjoyed countryside walks as well as trips to our local recreation ground where they ran round like loons!

As you can see, the minute the poodles arrive chaos ensues! Tilly particularly, thrives in big open spaces, and loves nothing more than chasing a doggie pal round.


Faster Colin!

Spending time with Colin + Rhapsody always brings out the best in Tilly.








Little Rhapsody, the ring leader!

Nap time.Β The dogs love nothing more than a good snooze. Tilly claimed the human bed of course… such a diva.

A favourite spot of ours is Alice Holt Country Park. Just short drive for us, there are miles of trails and woods for the dogs to explore.


Dirty dogs are happy dogs.

Ball Junkies.Β The poodles love to chase a ball. I do have to pick the right moment to bring a ball out, as all three have a tendency to OBSESS!

A big thank you to The Pet Pantry for sending us these awesome Kong dog balls. They went mad for them! Being blue, means the dogs have an easier time spotting the ball.



A proud moment.Β I was able to initiate a game of tug between Colin and Tilly using an old towel, it may have only lasted a few seconds, but none the less this was a big step for Tilly, who can be easily spooked with dog-to-dog interactions.

Fancy treats. Freeze dried treats are perfect for raw fed dogs, so I was super exited to see them in our parcel from The Pet Pantry.


Open the treats human!

These biologically appropriate treats contained Venison, Elk, Quail, and Steel head (Rainbow) Trout. I swear these dogs eat better than I do! The dogs practiced their best ‘OMG treats’ faces.


Test subjects.Β The three poodles were perfect for practicing with my new zoom lens. It’s certainly a challenge photographing three nutty dogs, but I love capturing their pure joy!


Tilly’s favourite activity: Nibbling Colin’s ankles as she chases him. And no, he isn’t allowed to return the favour.



As much as Tilly benefits from being part of the pack, a bit of alone time can do the world of good. She loves nothing more than some one on one time with me, or a quiet snack time.

Feeding time at the zoo.Β The best part of the day for the poodles! They really do love their raw.


We were very sad to see these two go…already looking forward to our next dog walk! A big thank you to The Pet Pantry for spoiling Tilly and her pals.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Amy & Tilly

5 thoughts on “10 days with the poodles

  1. barnabypoo says:

    Great pictures! Barnaby isn’t keen on sharing his treats either! Being an only dog he hasn’t had much experience of it! At agility he used to get really possessive if any other dog came snuffling near my treat bag. After that I made a point of getting him and the other dogs in class to all sit and then gave them each a treat in turn. He’s much improved!

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