The Barky Box

Recently Tilly and I were lucky enough to win a Barky Box through a competition, we loved it so much I thought I’d put together a little blog post showcasing how awesome it is as a thank you.

Pretty packaging is always a lovely touch, even if Tilly doesn’t care!

I was very pleased to see such healthy treats. We love Billy & Margot’s range of dried goodies, as they have no nasties and Tilly can eat them with her raw diet.


You cannot go wrong with poo-bags! It’s always handy to have a good supply, and these Beco ones are biodegradable!


The only thing Tilly won’t be eating it the ‘I Woof U’ biscuit, as she’s a grain free pooch. It’s the most adorable little gift, and I can think of a doggie friend or two who may enjoy it.

With all the tasty treats on offer I was surprised when Tilly went straight for a stuffed bunny toy. She absolutely adores this toy, and proceeded to nibble, shake and roll around on the floor with her newest prize possession.

We found a new favourite. The Innocent Hound’s salmon and sweet potato sausage bites are a hit! Now that I know Tilly will pretty much do anything for these, I will definitely be getting some more!


A big thank you to The Barky Box for running this competition, we are so happy with your subscription box!

Thanks for reading,

Amy & Tilly

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