West Wittering ~ Our best beach

We love West Wittering!

We are very lucky to be able to get down to the coast in under an hour, and although The Witterings are not our closest beach, they are a firm favourite, mainly because a HUGE portion remains dog friendly throughout the year!

Dogs are allowed right (away) from the beach huts and round the spit all year round.


In Tilly’s dog bag:

  • Poo bags
  • Ball
  • Treats + Snack
  • Water + Bowl
  • Towels
  • Brush

Top tip: Don’t forget some cash. Parking is super cheap in the winter months at just Β£1. During the summer it can get up to Β£8. The tolls do take notes, and are usually manned.

We tend to avoid going at the weekends during the busier summer season. In the height of summer you can end up queuing to get in.

Top tip: Tide check! Tilly is a dog that thrives in big open spaces (she likes to know she can run away!), this means we like the tide to be out. Low tides at West Wittering expose vast stretches of soft sand, as well as the shallow still sea, and sand bars. Perfect for dogs who like to paddle!


My favourite website for checking tides: here.


If the tide is in, there are beautiful dunes to explore, but avoid the marsh…we learnt that the hard way…stinky dog!

Top tip: Weather watch.Β Obviously dogs need to go out in most weathers, but it does help to prepare. A warm day at the beach calls for lots of water, and ways to keep cool.

We are super exited to be representatives for Paws & Presto, aΒ UK based pet brand on a mission to revitalise the dog product market. We’ve been putting their Cool Companion mat through it’s paces.


Paws up from Tilly!

This cooling mat is activated by pressure, and remains cooler than the surrounding temperature for 3-4 hours.

We tend to avoid super hot days out in the sun with Tilly. Her black curls really do absorb sunlight. Be wary of taking your dog outside in temperatures above 31 degrees Celsius.


Perfect for summer…

Paws & Presto will soon have a website, so follow them on Instagram to keep up to date!

Top tip: Don’t let them drink the water!Β This may seem super obvious but the salty sea water is really not good for dogs. If your dog is like Tilly, and likes to sneak drinks, try diverting their attention with toys/treats. I always make sure we have hydration breaks throughout the day.

Top tip: clean up.Β Tilly is a sand magnet, and manages to deposit great amounts of sand in the car, which usually means me hoovering up after her.

We’ve been using KΓ€rcher’s portable cleaner. It’s low pressure, so perfect for washing mud/sand off Tilly before she gets back in the car.


Tilly would probably give it 0 stars, but they may be as it involves getting wet without her permission. 5 stars from us humans!


It holds charge for 15 minutes, and you can fill it up to a decent 4 litres.


I know this little device will come in handy for visiting West Wittering in the winter, as the fresh water taps are wrapped up from about November to March.


We love using our Dog Robe for keeping Tilly from getting cold after a dip/bath.

A beach day poops the little poodle out for a couple of days! We do love a lazy day too.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about our favourite beach, did you find any of these tips helpful?

Thanks for reading,

Amy & Tilly

5 thoughts on “West Wittering ~ Our best beach

  1. Wolfpack NYC (@urban_wolfpack) says:

    I just love the idea of that cooling mat! Thank you for sharing! My pup Rosa also has those black curls and she is having quite the BORING summer, as it has been so hot in New York she spends most of her days inside…. Then on the odd day out, I have to carry her home!


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