Pure Pet Food: A review

A couple of months ago we switched Tilly over to a raw diet, and she’s loving it! For all it’s benefits, it unfortunately doesn’t travel well.

This is where Pure Pet Food came in! I was busy looking at options for our Cornish getaway, when Pure Pet Food asked if we would like to give their dehydrated natural dog food a try. This timing could not have been more perfect.


A few days before we went away, I started adding Pure to Tilly’s meals in order to switch her over for our holiday. Tilly did not need convincing, she quickly started chowing down.

You simply add water and stir, and then serve!


I was impressed with to packaging. We got a measuring cup and a peg for sealing the bag.

The one downside we found with this food is that it is more cleanup. Tilly manages to make a such mess of her face when eating, and she does need a bit of help getting to the last bits in the bowl!

tillyforpure-7 (1)

Helping with the cleanup!

It is important not to feed cooked and raw dog foods together, as they digest at different rates. Because Pure Pet Food is dehydrated rather than cooked, it retains more nutrients, and has a 70-80% meat content which is similar to raw. Perfect for our travels!


Meat used isΒ lightly heated just enough to remove any harmful pathogens.

Pure have lots of flavours to choose from including Chicken Dinner, Duck Delight, and Fish Supper. Tilly’s been enjoying Turkey Terrific, so we will definitely have to try out more flavours!


Pure Pet Food also make these fun treats… made with duck, turkey, and apple.


Tilly cannot get enough of these, clearly they must taste amazing!


One thing I did notice, (warning for grossness) was an increase in poop size, this may be as Tilly’s droppings are so small with raw that I noticed it more, or, maybe due to the higher vegetable content in Pure.

I’m so happy to have found a food option for Tilly when we’re away from home, and one that’s so good for her! To find out more about Pure Pet Food visit their website here. You can also use code: TILLY for 40% off starter packs at Pure Pet Food.

Thanks for reading, big thank you to Pure for letting us try your food out!

Amy & Tilly

*We were provided with Pure Pet Food items gratis, in return for an honest review. All opinions remain my own.

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