Happy Birthday Tilly

My gorgeous girl Tilly turns 3 on Friday the 23rd of June. In celebration of 3 years of Tilly, here are some of my favourite photos (and a video) along with things I love about this silly poodle gal.

Tilly came along at a really crappy time in my life, and every day since has been better and brighter thanks to her sweetness, goofiness, warmth, and pure charm.Β She is the absolute light of my life, and I don’t know what I’d do without her!


Forever finding foliage for the humans!


I’m so grateful to have a dog who (mostly) follows my commands. She’s perfected this pose!


I love how athletic she is! She loves to chase dogs/birds/…anything that moves really!


The biggest ears in town!


She’ll do just about anything for her ball.


Believe it or not, she isn’t the easiest subject to photograph, and I’m grateful for that, as she pushes me to get better each time.


The beach is our happy place, any excuse and we’re there!



She can fly!


dsc_0216-edit (1)

As I did last year, I’ve made a special video with just a few moments of Tilly’s third year of life. It’s on our YouTube!

Thanks for reading this blog post, love you all!

Amy & Tilly

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tilly

  1. Amy & Tilly (@Tilly_the_bordercolle) says:

    Loved reading every bit of this, love the photos and i loved the video – what else can I say, I just love this little poodle 😍

    And happy birthday again sweetie pie

    Liked by 1 person

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