Pawprint Deli: A review

Since switching Tilly over to a raw diet, I have found shopping for treats to be a little more interesting, as I have to avoid cooked items. To get the best out of her diet, Tilly’s treats need to be either dried, dehydrated or frozen.

Thankfully Pawprint Deli have created a subscription box filled with natural goodies. Tilly’s been trying out their June box, which is full of fishy delights! As soon as the box arrived Miss T knew it was for her. Pawprint Deli use items that areΒ pieces of an animal, so they do have an aroma that no dog could possibly resist!


Open the box human!

Before I could get to the contents of the box Tilly decided the shredded paper needed attention. And by that I mean shredding it even further.


Our box contained two dried sea-bass, squid strips, fishy cubes, kangaroo rolls and a salmon skin twist (which Tilly pounced on) along with some Lily’s Kitchen snacks.

pawprintdelitilly-7-e1497135250762 (1)

Fishy cubes.

I popped the fishy snacks into a Tupperware container, dogs may go mad for eau de fish, but us humans…not so much!


Squid strips.

Something I really liked about this box, was the range of foods Tilly was able to try out. We have would never come across dried squid or kangaroo without Pawprint Deli! Miss T thoroughly enjoyed her first taste of squid, and quickly demolished each strip in seconds.


As Tills won’t be having the Lily’s Kitchen food, we’ll be gifting themΒ to our doggie pals. They looked super tasty, the treats are made with yoghurt, chamomile, and passion flowers…how fancy!


Such adorable sweet shop themed packaging…

For Β£15 a month,Β you certainly get value for money. I was very impressed with how big the box was, as previously we’ve been disappointed with subscription boxes on the small side.

The bigger items like the dried salmon skin, and sea-bass are really handy for us. If I’m leaving Tilly home alone, I tend to give her a chewy snack to distract her while I head out the door.


Tilly likes to take her prizes to her bed to chow down on.

Tilly and I are nowΒ big fans Pawprint Deli and their scrummy boxes. It’s lovely to find somewhere we can go for a full range of treats with no nasties, and we highly recommend them, whether it’sΒ for topping up your treat supplies, or a special occasion.


Licking her lips!

A big thank you to Pawprint Deli for letting us try out your treats, follow them on Instagram to keep up with their boxes!

Thank you for reading our review, what do you think of these treats?

Amy & Tilly

*We were provided with Pawprint Deli items gratis, in return for an honest review. All opinions remain my own.

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