Paws in the Park: Doggy day out

Tilly and I were lucky enough to attend Paws in the Park last weekend. Keep reading to find out what we got up to!

We packed up and headed east to the South of England Showground for Paws in the Park’s spring show. The showground was easy to find, with ample parking which is great for someone like me who can’t park to save her life!

Tilly and I were joined by Colin, Rhapsody and Aurora along with their human chauffeurs. So we had a collie, two poodles, and a collie x poodle! The perfect mix.


Aurora, Colin, Rhapsody, Tilly.

One of the first things I spotted were doggie exercise areas dotted around the grounds. The dogs really valued their ‘off lead time’ sniffing and greeting other pooches. Madame Tilly spent her free time either playing chase with Colin, or charming cuddles from every human she found.

Poodle approved. Tilly rather enjoyed testing out the beds at Gerties & Berties. Miss T can be fussy about what she sits in, but the donut design of Gerties & Berties super-comfy dog beds really took her fancy!


Look who we bumped into! Severus and Lily of @spaniellife came along with their humans. Severus is such a sweet friendly dog, and Lily is too cute for words!


It’s not a day out without some posing… We stopped by Paws and Claws Photography with their mini studio set up.

Ollie from Paws and Claws Photography has been a professional pet photographer for over 2 years, and you can really tell! He took some stunning photos of our gang of hoodlums, and used a range of strange noises to get those super special head tilts. Of course, I had Tilly pull her signature pose, the meerdog.


Lookout for Paws and Claws Photography at the next Paws in the Park.


Aurora is such a dream to photograph, look at those eyes!

There were loads of different breeds attending, and all so very cute. Of course we sniffed out the poodles… This sweet girl had purple poms!


Colin loves everyone!


We met cheeky chappy Milo (@milothedalmador) for the first time, Tilly may not have appreciated his affections, but I thought he was just lovely!


Both Milo and Aurora the collie tried their hand (or should I say paw) at dock diving, aptly named ‘K9 Aqua Zone‘. They really did try their best, but weren’t quite ready for the big jump!



Aurora drying up after her dip.

The K9 Aqua Zone is a brilliant spectator sport, with dogs flinging themselves up to 20 feet off the dock and bombing into the water tank below.


I really enjoyed photographing these dogs, even though I was definitely in the splash zone!


We stopped for lunch to watch some of the arena events. A much needed sit down! Tilly enjoyed a dried duck foot, and some water. Of course I had to bring her very own bowl, as she won’t touch communal dog bowls…what a diva!


Snack time.


Left to right; Tilly, Colin, Rhapsody, Sev, Lily, Aurora, Milo.

The highlight of both mine and Tilly’s day were the have-a-go activities, which are all in aid of dog charities. We tried out Terrier racing, fastest recall, and temptation alley. Our favourite has to be the agility. The course really lovely; Tilly flew round not missing a single contact and even completing and our newest project…the seesaw.



The wonderful Emily of @sputnikthesighthound was snapping away as we had our turn. These are the first photos I’ve had of Tilly doing agility, and will treasure them forever!


We thought Paws in the Park was pretty rad, there really is something for everyone. With plenty of space, fun activities to try out, shopping galore, and entertaining displays, we can’t wait for the next one!


We stopped to pick up some of our favourite treats from Finer By Nature. Venison, game, and fishy bites. With a 3 for 2 offer on at the show, how could I resist?


If you missed out on Paws in the Park, don’t fret! Paws in the Park is coming to Hampshire this summer, and we’re already counting the days!

I wasn’t able to fit all the photos I took into this blog post, to see photos of our day out, follow my Facebook page Aura Photographs.

Thanks for reading,

Amy & Tilly


5 thoughts on “Paws in the Park: Doggy day out

  1. Steph & The says:

    Lols at Lily giving the side eye and sulking in the photo. Thanks for the sweet photos of them. It was really so lovely to meet you, and so glad I came- even though I am now poor, bloody spoilt dogs! haha xx

    Liked by 1 person

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