Devil Dood Designs: A review

When I met Emily (top dog at Devil Dood Designs) back in September 2015, she had started making collars out of paracord for her own very devilish doodle, Colin. As a non crafty person, I found this nothing short of amazing.


Cheeky chappy Colin, the inspiration for Devil Dood Designs.

Fast forward to now, Devil Dood Designs are very much open for business with shops on Etsy, and Not On The High Street.

Devil Dood Designs make stylish, unique, washable pet accessories from genuine US 550 paracord. Each collar is made by weaving together individual strands of cord into intricate designs with added high quality hardware.


‘Paracord is one of the strongest materials available for making collars. It has a breaking strength of 550 lbs, these accessories are made to withstand even the strongest dog.’

Tilly is one very lucky pooch, who gets to test out new designs and prototypes. DDD have a vast array of colours to choose from, even glow in the dark!

Miss T was looking particularly gorgeous for Valentine’s Day, with a heart woven pink number.


Valentine’s Day special…

DDD’s accessories are of excellent quality, with care and attention put into finishing each individual item. Our collars are in perfect condition even after many beach trips, and machine washes. Plus, being reasonably priced with a 5 year guarantee is awesome.


A simple black collar, we love it for making tags stand out.

My favourite thing about DDD’s collars is that they are machine washable! Hallelujah! It’s really nice not having to worry about hand washing or accidentally damaging collars after a wet walk , beach trip or a roll in something nasty…

Our current favourite is a rainbow collar and lead set, which is a NotOnTheHighStreet special. It looks stunning against Tilly’s black fur, and we’ve even been stopped in the street with compliments!


I wholeheartedly recommend Devil Dood Designs. If you’re looking for something a little different, that will stand the test of time, then DDD are for you!

You can find Devil Dood Designs on Facebook. For discounts and competitions, follow their Instagram.

Thank you for reading,

Amy & Tilly

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