Winkworth Aboretum

We first visited this gorgeous estate back in autumn, and it was absolutely stunning. So when we were looking for somewhere to go for a doggie meet up, we of course had to go back.

Tilly and I were accompanied by poochesΒ Winnie, Archie and their human Chloe, and of course..Rhapsody and Colin of @adventuresofdoodles.

Off we went on our little road tripΒ across the county line to leafy Surrey. Tilly snoozedΒ all the way there. We passed the now famous Fitzpatrick Referrals a.k.a home of the Super Vet…Tilly was less than impressed with the mention of the word V-E-T-S.


Waiting for everyone to arrive..

Winkworth Arboretum is well known for its array of autumn colours, as well as wetlands, viewpoints, walking trails, and spring flowers. The National Trust owned property welcomes ‘well behaved dogs’…and pleasingly, all 5 dogs were excellently behaved. Only one child cried at the sight of them…oops!


Archie doing his best head tilt.

Sweet Winnie only has little legs, and was quite content to watch the world go by from her stylish dog carrier.


There are beautiful open meadows, perfect for dogs to stretch their legs, along with woodland, and streams for paddling and refreshing thirsty pups.


Winnie and Tilly, our two black beauties.

Where there’s water…there’s a bridge. Several of our wimpy gang weren’t so keen on walking over the bridges and had to be carried..cough cough Tilly…cough Rhapsody…


Rhapsody and Colin enjoying the sunshine.

Little Archie REALLY liked Rhapsody…clearly Tilly disapproves of such behaviour.

At this time of year the main attraction is the carpet of bluebells, and they did not disappoint. Little violet flowers as far as the eye can see!


We almost lost Archie amongst the flowers!

Our best attempt at a group shot..clearly the dogs had better things to be doing!


The dogs had a blast chasing each other, exploring trees, rivers, and new smells. And us humans had a good old natter.

We had a fabulous time exploring these immaculate grounds, and for once to sun was out!Β I highly recommend going, with or without a dog!

Amy & Tilly


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