Loopy Labradors

Scenter Barks (a clever twist on Center Parks) is a doggie day care that we love. Tilly’s visited a couple of times and I know she’s always in the best hands. Even though I hate leaving her!

The guys and gals at Scenter BarksΒ were sweet enough to invite me to photograph their LabradorΒ lunch meet, aptly titled ‘Loopy Labs’. They run other dog social events, including previously, a Spaniel meet. I think these are a brilliant idea, and I’m holding out hope for a poodle one… sadly there aren’t many poodles near us!

I didn’t bring Tilly for a few reasons. Firstly, she’s noΒ Labrador. Secondly, 20+ romping Labradors with no escape would probably be her idea of hell on earth. The poor girl is such a wimp, and she just does better in big open spaces!

Here are some of my favourite shots of the day, it was such good practice and it was so lovely seeing the dogs have a blast.


Waiting patiently for treats.

Treats were kindly supplied by Poppy’s Pet Bakery.


Stalking the human…


Playing outside.


The only Golden there!


Such beautiful eyes.



Big smiles.



Fudge, one of a fewΒ Lab mixes who came.


Relaxing in the sunshine…



Get the human!


Izzy, 4 months.



To see all the photos from the day, head over to my Facebook page.

Thank you for reading!

Amy & Tilly

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